In–Demand Careers in Data Science Course in Bangalore
In Demand Career in Data Science

In–Demand Careers in Data Science Course in Bangalore

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The demand for data science skills will drive a significant rise in the employment rate in this field through 2025. But, there is a notable shortage of people who are proficient in the skills needed in this field. So, if you are someone who has a passion for numbers and loves solving problems and discovering answers through data analysis, then earning a Certification in Data Science Courses in Bangalore should be your next step towards achieving your goals.

Data Science

Professionals who have the skills for gathering, modifying, storing, managing, and analysing data that can be used for data-driven decision making are known as Data scientists. These professionals are needed not only in the technology space but in virtually every job sector. Some of the leading Data Science careers are 

1. Data Scientist

Average Salary: ₹618,912

These professionals are responsible to uncover patterns from large amounts of complex data. They do this by cleaning, and organizing data for companies to drive strategic business decisions.

2. Machine Learning Engineer

Average Salary: ₹708,312

Machine learning engineers have strong statistics and programming skills. But These professionals are responsible to design and build machine learning systems. 

3. Machine Learning Scientist

Average Salary: ₹ 6,04,121

Machine Learning Scientists develop new data approaches and algorithms to solve a business problem

4. Data Architect

Average Salary: ₹1,873,191.

Data Architect’s create new database systems as well as work on improving the performance of existing systems. They also design analytical applications for various platforms.

5. Data Engineer

Average Salary: ₹8,17,057 

Data Engineers work on gathered and stored data, they are involved in real-time processing of data. They also create and maintain data pipelines for easy accessibility for the Data Scientists.

6. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Average Salary: ₹603,391

Because BI developers formulate business strategies that facilitate in revealing information with the help of BI tools that can be used to make critical decisions.

7.  Data Analyst

Average Salary: ₹527,021

Data Analysts deal with large data sets and prepare reports that effectively communicate trends and reveal insights gleaned from their analytical study. 

8. Applications Architect

Average Salary:  ₹1,705,100

Application Architects are responsible for tracking and proper functioning of applications and their interaction with each other and the users. But There is a clear need for Data Science experts in almost every field and thousands of businesses and government departments depend on analysis of big data to achieve the desired targets and better serve their customers. So, if you wish to enter this continuously evolving field, you need to acquire appropriate skills to be able to demonstrate your expertise in front of your future employers. Because One such way to build those skills is to join 360DigiTMGs Data Science course which is designed to develop your skills in interpreting huge data sets of data through experiential learning experiences with instructor-led live projects.

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