5 misconceptions surrounding Data Science Course in Bangalore

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Data Science is a great field and has proven itself as the best domain to work in the past decade. Like all other fields transitioning into Data Science is a little rough. You need knowledge in subjects like statistics, mathematics, computer science, coding, and programming. Before venturing into Data Science, you might have tried to learn about it a little and must have spoken to experts from the industry and professors and might have heard about different misconceptions surrounding the Data Science course. In this article, I might not be able to vanish all your misconceptions regarding Data Science but surely bust the most common ones.


You need Ph.D to become a Data Scientist


This misconception tops our list, the first thing you hear when you are trying to learn about your transition into Data Science is that “you need a Ph.D. to become a Data Scientist. Having Ph.D. might help you get the job but it is not a compulsory qualification to become a Data Scientist. If you are applying for a role in Applied Data Science, then Ph.D. is not needed and but, if you’re going for a research role then Ph.D. will help you bag that job.


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You need to have a full time Data Science Degree


This is similar to the Ph.D. dilemma; it is always good to invest in a full time Data Science Degree but again it is not must. You can join a 3- month or a 6-month Data Science training courses offered by Data Science training institutes to start your career in Data Science. Data Science is an applied science hence practical knowledge plays a major role in bagging and growing in the job. Hence, go for an institute that offers you job-ready training with assignments and real-time projects that will help you understand the tools and algorithms in a practical way. 360DigiTMG offers job-ready curriculum with placement assistance that will aid you in your transition. 


Your previous experience might not matter!

You are already a working professional with a good experience in your domain and after seeing Data Science progress you decided to venture into it. You might opine that your previous work experience might act as your growth accelerator in your next position, but it might not always be the case. If you are changing your domain entirely then you need to start your career from zero, but good news is that Data Science offers good packages for freshers too. If you are sticking with your previous domain but looking for a Data Science role then your job experience is definitely an added benefit. Click here to learn Data Science Course in Pune

Programming is a must!

You must have heard this a lot that you need to have an expert knowledge in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics and programming to become a Data Scientist. It is so not true! You can be from any background with a degree in any discipline you can become a Data Scientist, provided you are open to learn. Coming to programing, you can always sign up or join a basic programming language learning course or even best join a Data Science course that offers you everything from basic.

Tools alone will make you a Data Scientist

There is always a dilemma among aspiring Data Scientists which tool is apt for their project and, most confusion is with Python and R.

Both Python and R are widely used in Data Science but mastering both of them or one of them is not necessary. You need to be able to write a program using the pre-existing code from the library. But in addition to technical skills, you will need non-technical skills too. Problem-solving, structured thinking, and communication skills play a vital role in the job. Click here to Learn data science course in bangalore

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